South Florida Minotaurs

The mission and purpose of the South Florida Minotaurs is to serve, mentor, educate and enhance the Leather community.

This organization exists to provide leather men a forum to have fun, mentor, educate, socialize, contribute and support each other and their community. This webpage is designed to help provide a social and educational forum for those who desire the camaraderie of like minded individuals. We would like to help you find your path, wherever and however it takes you.


The South Florida Minotaurs hold an organizational meeting once a quarter which is limited to membership; however, members are often at EDC (Enforced Dress Code - leather/uniform/fetish) at the Ramrod the third sunday of every month.  We also host educational or informational seminars for our members and guests.  We often join with other local leather organizations such as LeatherWerks or the South Florida Boys of Leather to produce events welcome to the public. These events offer a great place to meet us and have frank, confidential discussions about leather and kink. If you are looking for a group of like-minded guys to explore your kinky side, stop by and introduce yourself.




If you wish, you can contact one of the board of directors below:



President - Tim Morris

Vice President - Jason Pelky

Saergent at Arms/Pledgemaster - Robert Rowe

Secretary - Blair Sollenberger

Treasurer -Erich Glasbrenner

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