Here are some useful links for the South Florida Leather Community. 

Southeast Conference of Clubs


Our over-group in the Southeast area that helps coordinate the various leather clubs, organizations, charities and businesses.  South Florida Minotaurs are a proud member

South Florida boys of Leather


Our brother club in the South Florida area catering to the younger, more boy-oriented population.  For those just getting started on your journey, or those lucky boys who have already started, a great group of like-minded kinksters sharing knowledge.

Palm Beach Leather Men


Our brother club in the West Palm area, we do a lot of crossover events and have overlapping membership.  They are hosted out of Ft Dix bar.

South Florida Kennel Club


Puppy play is a vibrant new addition to the leather community.  The Kennel Club is a social group for like-minded pups and handlers to gather and exchange ideas.

Fort Dix West Palm Beach


The home bar for Palm Beach Leather Men, they host several leather/fetish nights a month.

Ramrod Fort Lauderdale


The home bar for the Minotaurs, Ramrod has been rated the best leather bar in the world.

Vitambi Springs Resort and Campground


A clothing-optional resort in the privacy of South Florida.  The Minotaurs host several leather and fetish themed events each year.



A premier custom leather shop in Fort Lauderdale.  If they don't have what you are looking for, they can make it to your specifications.

Stevie Moon Tattoo

Fort Lauderdale premier custom tatoo shop.  Stevie does remarkable work individualized and created specifically for you.

Lambda Mens Brotherhod


A non-profit educationa/social group which donates to a wide variety of leather/fetish charities and causes.  They host several events a year.